Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion

 Name  Project
 Martin Hagen Aakre  
 Margrethe Sofie Erstad  The Lares cult in Rome during Augustus
 Hans Kristian Frågodt  Patronage in Antiquity
 Kristoffer Hamre  Late Antiquity
 Thor-Kjetil Jakobsen  
 Tormod Jakobsen  
 Truls Skram Lerø  Religious networks
 Dane Alexander Lundberg  Military organization and political change in Greece
 Amund Oddvar Lysaker  Climate changes and history
 Fredrik Øverdal Pettersen  Roman history
 Håvard Ruus  Roman history
 Thomas Lundal Røeggen  Political theory in Rome
 Morten K. Skiftesvik  The origin of coinage in ancient Greece
 Julia Skoglund  A comparison of two streets in Pompeii
 Kjetil Tønnevold Stakkeland   Democracy in ancient Greece
 Iselin Kristin Thorbjørnsen   Loyalty of the Roman soldiers
 Kristin Marie Underhaug  Agora in Athens and Forum in Rome as market places